Fleet Solutions

Designed with flexible structure and payment terms, Massar’s leasing plans free up capital, reduce risk and remove the complexities of managing a fleet, allowing customers to concentrate on running their businesses.

How does it work?

Flexible leasing arrangements up to five years.
Freedom of vehicle choice - any type, any make, any model.
Fixed monthly payments , What is included:
1. Vehicle acquisition, funding and insurance.
2. Vehicle registration.
3. Vehicle servicing and maintenance.
4. Vehicle breakdown, recovery and repair management.
5. Infringement and road toll administration.
6. Downtime replacement vehicle if required.
7. End of term vehicle sale.

PayPerKay Personal Leasing

PayPerKay is Pay-As-You-Go car leasing. PayPerKay uses a unique mobile application that allows you to manage how much you spend on a monthly basis. It’s up to you, you’re in control. With regular car leasing options you pay a fixed amount regardless of how many kilometres you drive. With PayPerKay you only pay for what you use. There are no surprises! It’s as simple as that! The PayPerKay brand offers a Monthly Rental options along with 1, 2 & 3 Year leasing options. Customer can choose to return the vehicle at the end of the lease term or go for our 'Lease to Own' option - where they own the vehicle at the end of the lease period.

How does It Work?

Select a car and contract period on www.payperkay.ae. Submit your details.
We’ll call you to discuss your requirements further or we can meet with you.
Once you’ve decided on what package is best for you, we’ll prepare a contract pack and book a car for you.
We’ll send you an email / text message to let you know how to download the PayPerKay application from the Apple or Android App Stores.
We’ll meet to wrap up the paperwork and give you access to the mobile app.
You’ll drive off in your new car.

Massar Car Rental

Massar Car Rental will add something special to your day, or week, or month! The Massar Car Rental brand operates within the traditional Car Rental space and can provide Daily, Weekly and Monthly solutions for your corporate requirements.

Logistics & Supply Chain Solutions

Massar designs, implements, operates and manages end-to-end supply chains that enable clients to become leaner and more competitive. Massar enjoys a reputation for providing innovative, tailored and time- sensitive solutions that are achieved through combining the enthusiasm of its human forces with intelligent and intuitive technology. All our assets are monitored 24/7 via GPS tracking from our operations control centre. With a focus on reducing costs and increasing service levels for our customers, Massar offers dedicated delivery services, moving any product through any supply chain.

How does it work?

Flexible contract periods - Optimum configuration of fleet mix and size.
Ambient, chilled and frozen capability - Industry-specific solutions.
Tailored operating procedures - Route optimisation solutions.
Hiring, training and management of drivers and crew.
First mile solution - distribution centre to the store.
Last mile solution - Store to the consumer.
Dedicated, customised and branded vehicles.
Fleet flexibility to cater for peak demand periods.

Vehicle Mobility Technologies

Massar designs and implements advanced mobility technologies which provide cost effective, technology enabled oversight of all areas of mobility. From tracking, to asset management, predictive modelling and preventative reporting, Massar's suite of services is used by large Government and Corporate customers throughout the Middle East. Through the combination of on-board hardware and carefully designed software, the options available to fleet operators are endless.

Key Features

Flexible leasing options - Outright purchase options - Fixed monthly payments
Access to data anywhere and anytime (Web based)
Safety Solutions with Driver ID Cards to monitor the drivers and driver behaviour
Easy to use, customer specific Graphic/Dashboard Reports.

Industry Specific Solutions

Cold Chain Solutions where you have Temperature Sensor & Door Sensor for Chillers & Refrigerators to monitor temperature in real-time.
School Bus Tracking and Control Solutions with Camera.
Public and Mass Transportation Vehicles / Bus Management Solutions.
Limousine and VIP travel tracking.

Massar Move
Passenger Transport Services

We also provide a reliable and professional transfer and chauffeur drive service to corporate clients. Our services include hotel and event transfers. We service all seven Emirates from seven locations, and provide both Business-to-Business (B2B) and Business-to-Consumer (B2C) solutions.