It’s Thursday and you’re all prepped for your big business pitch. The presentation boards are in the car and detailed presentation notes have been committed to memory ready to ‘Wow’ the potential clients.

Zip back to the office to wrap up for the day and prepare for a wonderful family staycation. An exhilarating trip to Ferrari World followed by a relaxing day kayaking through the Mangroves is on the cards. There will be lots of lovely memories made and the kids are super excited.

And then your husband comes home with a sad face. Work need him to come in unexpectedly on Friday morning and he’ll need to take the car you share AGAIN! That means no wheels to head off for the weekend… and we delay our trip with disappointed kids.

What to do?! Don’t worry! PayPerKay has the perfect solution. PayPerKay rent out quality cars for daily use at very competitive prices. We can save your weekend of fun, no problem. But what about the next time your shared family car needs to be split in two? What then?

The freedom of your own car would be marvellous. The logistics of getting you, your children and husband to where they need to be on a hectic weekday morning would no longer require endless planning, fraught negotiation and stress. But can you afford it? Contact PayPerKay today and they will explain how you could soon be happily driving a shiny new car for much less than you dreamed possible.

How does it work?

PayPerKay charges their customers a reasonable price for the km they have driven and no more. They also make it easy for you to stay in control of those km so there are no surprise costs to pay.

Unlike other companies, they are determined to make our leasing service cost-effective. Which is why using PayPerKay is such a fantastic idea for individuals on a budget who simply want a car to make their family and working lives easier.

Lease terms are from one to 36 months and they have a large range of beautiful cars for you to choose from. Longer term customers get a new car, in their choice of colour and interior style, every 12 months. We even give them 1000km per month for free!

Now, this is the clever bit. Using our innovative and user-friendly app, you choose and pay for either 100, 250, 500 or 1000 km a month. PayPerKay knows that each family is different and so they give you the freedom to decide your bundle of km based on how often you will use the car and how far you will be going.

PayPerKay km bundles are flexible too. Maybe you’ve had more meetings this month and have needed your car more. We’ll alert you when there is a 100km left and you can top up quickly and easily.

However, if you’ve been working from home not the office your unused km will be credited to the next month. You’ll never find that money has been wasted on km paid for but not used...