Fuel prices in the UAE barely compare to those in some countries, but that doesn’t mean we have bottomless pockets full of cash. Cutting fuel costs also means using less fuel, which is better for the planet. Less fuel used means everyone wins.

Make Fewer Journeys

This may sound obvious; the less you drive the less fuel you need. But the reason this makes the list is because a cold engine uses more fuel than a warm one. Try to combine your errands into one set of journeys. Do the shopping and pay the bills on the same day, for example.

Drive an Empty Car

Golf clubs? A six pack of 1.5l water bottles? That bag of charity clothes you’ve been meaning to drop off for three months? More weight means more fuel is needed to push the wheels round. If you carry a bag full of rocks you’re tire quickly, your car works in the same way.

Go Easy on the Accelerator

If your foot hits the floor when you leave the traffic lights you’re engine is going to work harder and use more fuel. If you change lanes on the 311 because you just have to get ahead of the guy in front, you’re going to use more fuel. Cars like a steady speed. They like 80kph in a high gear. Cars perform best when driven with patience. These are just a few tips to help you save some cash and spend less time queuing at the petrol station.