Privacy Statement

Updated: 1 November 2018

Our Services

Massar Solutions PJSC is a mobility solutions company and therefore most of the data we process are in relation to the vehicle management services we provide to the driver/customer and their employers. This starts with the registration of the leased vehicle, and continues when we communicate about our services, e.g. to arrange for periodic maintenance and repairs. We may also process data when the vehicle inadvertently is involved in an accident, to ensure that we restore mobility and handle any damage, or where we are the recipient of traffic fines in relation to driver’s leased vehicle. Next to our core-leasing activities, we also provide a number of other related services, such as fuel card services, car rental services, passenger transport services, vehicle tracking and management, roadside assistance etc. Note that we continuously try to improve our services and the user experience, by implementing innovations, such as telematics services which enable drivers to benchmark their fuel use consumption and driver behavior.

In order to provide our services, we often work closely with Service Partners and Service Providers. Our Service Partners assist us in providing our leasing and other services and include car dealerships, car maintenance providers, body repair shops, and roadside assistance providers, but also rental service companies, and the administrators of our driver safety programs. Service Providers are companies we retain that support us in running our business, for example to help us maintain our IT network and related infrastructure, and security and access controls to our premises.

How do we receive and process customer information?

There are a variety of ways in which we come into the possession of personal information, such as vehicle lease start date, records of website visits and other interactions. Data may come from customer directly, e.g. when they contact us in relation to roadside assistance or to report an accident involving leased vehicle or when they respond to our surveys. When the end users have received their leased vehicle in the context of their employment, we may also receive information from the employer, such as contact information and lease category. When they engage with one of our Service Partners, we may receive information back from them such as when the vehicle has been repaired, when they have participated in a driver safety program or when they have rented a car through our program.

We are committed to keeping cargo and companies moving forward !