Massar Whistleblow

Massar Solutions PJSC is committed to fostering a culture of openness and honesty to conduct our business with the highest possible standards of transparency, integrity, and accountability. Being honest and transparent in our business connections is one of our top priorities. We aim to address promptly and appropriately issues or concerns regarding accounting controls, internal controls, discrimination, workplace harassment, safety, theft, or fraud, essentially anything that could adversely affect the integrity and reputation of MASSAR.

We encourage all our employees and stakeholders to speak out the serious wrong doings / concerns or inappropriate conduct from all who have a relationship with the Massar and as such all reports to speak out are in confidence through our confidential and independent whistleblowing channels., will be taken seriously and will be treated fairly and honourably. Once a concern is reported, Website link provides a report detailing issues flagged to MASSAR. Reported allegations are investigated and appropriate actions taken. Stakeholder suggestions, concerns, or reports of any type of misconduct will act as an early warning system, alerting us to possible ethics and compliance issues.

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